Merry & Fright: Monstrous Holidays from Afar

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Vlad’s Zoom Call

First person view of hands holding tablet with a video chat onscreen. Person on video chat is saying "No, Vlad you've got to turn the video the other way..." In the background, there is a framed photo of two vampires.

Contrary to popular belief, vampires could be seen on video calls, but their understanding of how modern technology worked was less certain.

Bad Hat

In the background different colored witch hats hang on a coat rack. In the foreground, a tall top hat sits in an open gift box.

A disappointed girl typing on her phone. An overlay shows her phone screen, it is a chat window with "Aunt Aggie." The messages read "You get it yet?," "I just got it. I'll open it now!," "What do you think?!," "..."

Virtually connecting with family over the holidays gives millennial witches more time to concoct the perfect reaction to a less than perfect gift.

Werewolf Caroling

Three werewolves sing from atop three different hills over a landscape of trees. A full moon appears in the sky. Music notes float between the werewolves and the moon.

The local werewolf choir are champions at socially distanced carols.


An illustration of a kitchen interior with a thunderstorm visible through the window. Frankenstein's monster appears surprised next to a speech bubble reading "It's Alive!" On a table in the kitchen sits a mixing bowl, spatula, spoon, and tray of gingerbread man cookies. One cookie appears alive and to be walking off the tray of cookies.

Frankenstein’s creature has to be careful about making cookies in his castle during storms, lest he end up with a new batch of roommates.